For class and meeting notes, which orientation will you prefer?

Discussion in 'Professions' started by siddhartth, Oct 27, 2016.


what do you prefer for note taking?

  1. portrait

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  2. landscape

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  1. djas

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    Not interested in keyboards. I even chucked my company-issued Surface 3 Type Cover. Don't need them unless at my desk in which case I have full sized keyboard and mouse for proper typing.

    Different usage for different people, usage, etc. Oh well....
  2. kneehowguys

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    I felt an odd satisfaction in knowing some other people don't care for the type cover either.

    I almost always prefer a bigger keyboard, which are cheap and always at my desks.

    But I dunno man, I see a Shop Related Products ad for a S3 type cover right below this textbox on the forum as I type.

    Sure you don't want to part with 160 dollars to replace the one you chucked? You can also buy the official Apple Picture book too while your credit card is still out, you might as well tbh
  3. siddhartth

    siddhartth Scribbler - Standard Member Senior Member

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    In my country, that becomes $260. I will appreciate the Engineering and Designing that went to Typecover if it was free or cheap enough to be affordable.

    Paying upwards of $200 for a keyboard which -
    • doesn't have batteries
    • doesn't protects the machine
    • doesn't initiate automatic sleep mode or even display off
    ..just doesn't make sense. It should be free or at max $50 with bundled purchase with a surface product.
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