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Discussion in 'Lenovo (IBM)' started by nnthemperor, May 13, 2019.

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    Not too sure, all I know is I'm actually excited about it. The Wacom AES is disappointing, but if folding tablets become a thing, there's got to be at least one OEM that will opt for Wacom EMR (prob Samsung)! And eventually, they'll be more thin and compact. At least that's the hope.

    Ultimately, maybe in a decade, we'll end up with flexible plastic screens that we can fold (imagine the weight and feel of a restaurant menu) or roll up. It'll most likely be connected to a hardware spine. No more having to worry about cracking screens!

    See this Samsung presentation from 2013 (skip to 0:45):
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    Unbox Therapy just did hands-on, which gives us a few more details on the form-factor:

    @2:28: the stand seems to be "origami" style
    @3:35: the tablet is stable in "V-configuration"
    @4:16: "thumb typing" is possible even without a split keyboard layout

    Overall, the package seems quite a bit more portable than initial impressions. Hype-meter building... :)

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