Finally! A Reliable USB Fingerprint Reader !!

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by Steve S, May 18, 2017.

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    Although my SP4 and Lumia 950 feature convenient optical Windows Hello, I've had difficulty finding a reliable and small fingerprint reader so that I can implement Hello on some of my other mobile devices. Since fingerprint readers are hardly a new technology (I think I had a swipe reader on my Fujitsu 4120, and it worked great!) it never occurred to me that modern fingerprint readers might be problematic, but I found out the hard way that they are.

    To make a long story short, I have bought and either returned or "retired" (with prejudice) the following two USB FP Readers because they consistently failed to work, even after repeated calibrations:

    Fortunately, third time was the charm; I happened to read a news article about the new Kensington (of computer accessories fame) VeriMark Fingerprint Key for Windows 10 Hello (& FIDO U2F Certified - K67977WW). The VeriMark is almost as small as the BENSS reader and has the additional benefit that it actually seems to work reliably. You have to place your fingertip on the reader pad without jittering as small movements will throw the reader off, but that's about the only constraint to getting reliable recognition. I've also tested the reader with my "non-enrolled" finger tips and, sure enough, the reader only opens the lock screen when I use one of my valid (enrolled) fingers.

    Recommended, for now...

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