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Discussion in 'HP TouchSmart TM2 (Wacom)' started by r.a-c.r., Feb 24, 2010.

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    Right, that's what I had F.05 bios. Its completely stupid to send this back. There's nothing wrong with it that a bios won't fix. What happen to companies trying everything to keep costs down before doing an exchange. Of course his is probably only because I'm still within the 21 day return. I'm sure after it they'll keep insisting I send it in for repair so they can wipe my hard drive.

    I totally love the laptop, but I'm totally hating HP support. Is there a way to do a system restore of the bios? I've never heard of that without flashing. I don't know why F.05 bios isn't up for download on HP's site.

    My husband seems to think they are insane and that I should just keep it until the new bios comes out. My system is perfect. my complaints are just minor little bugs I was hoping the bios would fix. I have a good screen, no cracks and other issues a few have complained over so I'm reluctant to do an exchange. I'm at a lost, they say if I fix it they'll replace the board. I don't believe that needs to be replaced and I don't think I should have to ship it in for a bloody flash to the bios.
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