Express keys on iPadpro? It's a no brainer isn't it?

Discussion in 'Apple/iOS' started by siddhartth, Mar 3, 2017.


Would you like expresskeys on ipad pro?

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    My reasons for express keys on an iPadpro
    1. Apple pencil lacks an eraser. express keys can do an easy toggle between eraser and selected pen.
    2. Apps like procreate can find it really useful.
    3. Both, iPad and mac are Apple products, Apple can make the hardware integration of iPad digitizer for Mac at a deeper level, better than third party apps. So, tilt and pressure curve of apple pencil will be natively translated. IF cintiqs running Windows can work on Macs flawlessly, there's no reason why iPadpro with iOS should not be complementary to MacOS machines. Macbooks run desktop OS but no pen and touch hardware, iPadpro has a touch and pen.
    4. Apple should give huge discount for people who buy iPadpro and Macbooks together, if they want to stay relevant in Galaxybook era.

    this is my iPad-cintiq concept. (it's a link)
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