Experiences with Adonit bluetooth active digitizers?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by Spraaq, Apr 8, 2017.

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    Some of their product became really cheap over the years (below 40$ even in Europe). However I can't find even amateur artist that post larger works done with these things which suggest that they are not the greatest tools (big surprise).

    So how do they perform? Are they like Synaptics bad or just below N-trig?

    Also, if you done any work with it please share, it could help a lot of people to make a decision about these products.
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    From what I can see, most of Adonit products are just simple capacitive stylus with clear disk tip or tip that use battery to emit electric field to emulate finger-> no pressure or palm rejection.

    The only bluetooth one that offer pressure or palm rejection is only compatible with ipad, and it only work with the list of supported ipad (not all ipad) and supported apps. The stylus input is not natively intergrated to the device like apple pencil, so it only work with specific apps that have Adonit API coded in. I think most serious artist would opt for either Ipad pro or Windows tablet PC with stylus, or just the good old graphic tablet, so not many big work video done by Adonit.
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    Yup. Exactly that. I have the Adonit Snap that is just a finger replacement & i that is what I use it for. Not even worth inking with it.

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