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Discussion in 'Site Suggestions and Site Help' started by brvdboss, Jun 19, 2008.

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  1. brvdboss

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    I was wondering if it would be possible to expand the Tablet PC Search functionality on the main page. Currently it only allows you to select a manufacturer, model and price-range.

    Notebookreview has more options like :
    • Processor Type
    • Graphics
    • Weight
    • Screen Size

    I know the number of options would be significantly less than with regular notebooks, but nevertheless I would find it rather interesting. (And as the number of options is significantly less, I would assume it's less expensive regarding database load)

    Other options I would like to see are:
    • Screen resolution
    • Screen format (16:10, 16:9, 4:3)
    • reported battery life
    • slate or convertible
    More options may be possible.

    Currently you either have to do all your research yourself, or you turn to the "What Tablet PC Should I Buy?" forum. But this may be a barrier to some people. I had been reading the forum for 2 months before I made my first posts. It's always a little difficult to immediately enter a forum without knowledge of the local rules and habits :)

    And the above list of options is basically something I was missing when I was gathering info on Tablets myself. The site already contains all this info. It would just be an additional way to make it more available/visible.
  2. mas5acre

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    Im not moderator, but I second that suggestion, why not link to something like pricegrabber like slickdeals.net when you click on research, that searches for certain specs at a certain price, couldn't it also generate revenue for the site? I know nothing though just yer ordinary average guy. (cue the music)
  3. SimsHsia

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    I'm a moderator, and I third that suggestion.

    All that moderators have powers over is the forum content (threads, posts, polls, and editing of user avatars and signatures), everything outside of that is handled by the forum administrators here (such as Tiffany, Ben, Brian, etc) are the folks that can implement this into the site design and/or the forum.

    Anyways, back on the topic, having more specific search options like searching for a certain screen size (one of the FAQs is whether or not there are TPCs with >14" displays). I remember before I first joined TPCR, I had to find out more about Tablet PCs by reading many forum threads to get a general idea of what they were capable of doing and what brands and models were available and their display sizes. Other than that, much of the information can be found off of the manufacturer's product pages and are relayed into replies here or by memory by fellow members helping out in the WTPCSIB? forum.
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