Evernote adds handwriting on Android - is this time to migrate from OneNote?

Discussion in 'OneNote, Evernote and Organizers' started by cleft, Mar 14, 2014.

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    Sorry, I probably should have clarified that part. The reason why I opted for a Windows tablet PC is because I have more use for PC applications/tasks than Android ones. Note-taking, while it is an important part of my daily tasks, is merely a tiny fraction of everything that I do. I do a ton of drawing, and Windows tablets are the best for that aspect (for me, at least), with Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, Sketchbook Pro, etc. In a nutshell, having a Windows tablet is a lot more versatile for me. The Galaxy Note 10 is a gorgeous piece of work though -- I would have definitely gone for it, but it's too simplistic for my needs (not saying it's not powerful though, it's amazing).

    I'm in a real dilemma to be honest. Evernote has always been my main library for my notes (I have been using the Windows version for typing up my notes -- seriously) and OneNote has recently been a great tool for my hand-written notes and whatnot. It's a dilemma because I have to choose where to house my notes and I just have a feeling that Evernote may add support for handwriting for TabletPCs (I want to confidently believe so, at least). Evernote's aesthetic, as a piece of software is a lot more attractive to me -- I really would not like to leave it. I wish they would hurry up on the handwriting support for Windows PCs. They already have ink-note features, but it's sort of wonky and not as flexible of a feature as I'd like it to be.
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    I have to admitt to being torn. I think ON is a more unified application with its integration into the Office world whereas Evernote seems more like a hotch-potch of different apps united into one application. Point at hand, the handwriting in Android has to be done on a separate canvas, rather than inside an existing note, it becomes a chore if you want to write some annotations to a picture, ON handles a situation like that much smoother. On the other hand ON doesn't offer inking on Android so on a phone or Android tablet Evernote rules by default.

    This is off course no longer true, OneNote does offer inking on Android.
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    A nexus "doodle" brand will be a good competition to galaxy note monopoly. I have hopes for a possible lumia surface too.

    This will also bring new opportunity for students using videonotes.es for online lectures. Videonotes is well integrated with Googledrive. The text a student types is synced with the video timeframe automatically. If google keep becomes stylus friendly then the hand written pen strokes could be synced with video timeframe too.

    Onenote has similar note to video sync facility but for recorded videos not for online video libraries like youtube and khanacademy.

    Perhaps project ara will support modular phonescreens with different stylus techs (wacom, synaptics, atmel) and also being compliant with universal stylus initiative. Project ara phone users then coud take one superhd smooth screen for watching videos and reading and then when they reach classroom or meeting hall they could just swap out the screen with more paper like texturized screen to work naturally with their stylus pen tip.
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