Errors in Event Viewer, Windows 7 (Casl and Caslwmi)... Has anyone else encountered them, minimum software and WWAN...

Discussion in 'HP Elitebooks' started by Ebenezer, Apr 16, 2012.

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    I have, several times, reinstalled Windows 7 and all the updates recommended by the HP Support Assistant and also the HP Softpaq Download Manager (in seperate instances).

    Have noted in the Windows 7 event viewer, very frequent multiple errors and warnings relating to:

    Errors by Casl and CaslWmi, on the folio state

    Warnings of the HP GPS driver not loading.

    The above do not disappear with the latest updates.
    1. Have anyone else encountered them and are there any solutions...?

    2. Also, could anyone share what are the bare minimum software required (from HP)? (I would like to have the power usage drop to less than 12 Watts which seems to be what it does now, with everything installed - this halfs the battery life, showing 6 hours when primary and secondary batteries are attached!)

    3. Related to 1, is it possible to use WWAN without HP's Connection Manager, yet with indication of amount of data usage...?
    Without it, Windows 7 seems to leave WWAN on; the connection manager simplifies by allowing us to turn WWAN off.

    (This is because it seems that casl and caslwmi are related to the connection manager and the problem in 1 still exists after repeated repairs, reinstallations of the HP Software Framework and HP Connection Manager...)

    Have tried to conscientiously avoid downloading the HP Software Framework but HP's other programs seem to still generate the casl and caslwmi errors.

    These errors would stay, even after the offending programs have been uninstalled; they would only disappear after a fresh installation of Windows 7 or by using a system disc image.

    I am worried of the impact on the battery life by the repeated errors and warnings in the Event Viewer.

    I am rather peeved and disappointed; the TM2 has very little errors in the Event Viewer by comparison, only the cdrom error on bootup.

    Apologies for the longwinded questions and replies; still trying to be familiar with replying in forums...

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