Energizer Ultimate Li Batteries Don't Leak

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Steve S, Sep 20, 2017.

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    Fun fact: Energizer "Ultimate" lithium batteries are guaranteed not to leak and, apparently, they don't!

    The background: It's probably just me, but in the recent past I've suffered a rash of alkaline battery leakage that has damaged several battery operated devices. Although I've always liked and used Energizer Ultimate Li batteries, their high cost has always given me pause especially because Duracell Quantum ("power core") batteries seemed almost as good and were less costly. However, based on my experiences, I now suspect that Duracell batteries, and Quantum cells in particular, have a leakage problem and so I'm cutting back on their use.

    I was researching the issue on line when I came across a blog that had a discussion about alkaline versus lithium battery leakage. One poster mentioned that he had never had an Ultimate battery leak on him and it suddenly occurred me that I couldn't remember ever having had one leak on me, either! Shortly after that, I discovered that Ultimates are actually guaranteed not to leak.

    The upshot of all of this is that I've swapped out alkaline batteries in my less-frequently-used devices and I'm going to run with Ultimates for a while, damn the cost. We'll see if they live up to the guarantee.

    HOWEVER, I also advise caution if you use Duracell Quantums. I think that they might be more leakage-prone than the average alkaline battery and that's not a good thing...

    PS: The above only applies to Ultimate and Quantum batteries; Energizer and Duracell make other grades of batteries, but my experiences are primarily with the two mentioned.

    PPS: Apparently, Energizer patents on their lithium battery designs have expired, so we might see other battery companies start to market their own lithium batteries. In particular, Rayovac is supposed to be headed to market with their own design. It'll be interesting to see what develops...
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