EMR: Galaxy Tab S4 SPen vs. HP Zbook X2 Pen

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by João Pedro, May 4, 2019.

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    Hi guys, I'm in a bit of a dilemma.

    Just bought the Tab S4 SPen and It feels good, the grip is not the most confortable, but I think the pen captures well my handwritting, I liked that it has a very fine point, so I can see better.

    However, I don't know if its just mine pen, but the nib feels a little loose, is a bit awkward. Since I'll use my Galaxy Book 12 for the next years intensively for studies, I thought of putting a little more money in the pen.

    The Noris pen is off the table, I dropped mine and it never worked again.

    The HP Zbook X2 pen is double the price of the S4 SPen, I want to know how better it is.

    Can somebody help me talking more about the HP pen? How it compares to the S4 pen? How confortable is it? The more rounded nibs feels better or wrost than fine nibs?

    Appreciate any feedback!
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    I bought the zBook x2 pen to use with my Galaxy Book 10.6....simply it works perfectly and in my opinion worth the price. The pen is longer and it’s fully round so it’s quite comfy to hold. And it uses a more roundish pen nib...instead of the sharp little toothpick nibs Samsung is using. How it feels is subjective, but I greatly prefer the rounder nib over the sharp thin one. You also get a backend eraser as well. As far as I’m concerned the zBook x2 pen is the king of all EMR pens. (Excluding Cintiq Pens of course)
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    I bought the HP ZBook X2 pen, and used it for a long while --- unfortunately, I dropped it, but since I never used the eraser or the side button, and didn't find the added girth or larger, stiffer nib helpful went back to using my Staedtler Noris Digital Stylus.

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