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    This past weekend Iwas at a Youth Group event. Beginning very early in the morning I loaded my wife's vehicle and the my own and we headed off to the event. Once there we carried everything in and got set up. I then helped make breakfast for the arriving participants. I then had some down time while the event progressed through the day.

    Earlier, in preparation for the weekend I put drawings and schematics on my thumb drive for the comparitor system. During my down time at the event I sat on the couch and pulled out my Elitepad 1000 and my trusty pen and got to work. Using the drawings and schematics as refence (PDF's opened in DrawboardPDF) I brainstormed new circuit designs for the new system in OneNote completely by pen. Once I finished brainstorming I finalized the new system, made a list of known parts, and then a list of actions that needed to be completed all on another page in OneNote.

    This morning when I arrived at work I snapped my work out of OneNote as a PDF and cascded it to the team via email. I took what looked like something impossible on Friday and sent out the solutions on Monday morning. This was all facilitated by using my TabletPC and pen. A laptop would have been too cumbersome for this task.

    In summary, I worked 7 hours on and off on Saturday while chaperoning teenagers. DrawboardPDF works great for navigating PDF files as it is very fluid windowing in and out. OneNote (2013 Desktop version) is fantastic for doing the brainstorming and copy/paste needed to finalize the inforation. Also, the Elitepad wih its Expansion Jacket and aux battery allowed me to work without needing to watch the battery gauge all day allowing me to concentrate on the task at hand. With two full-size USB ports in the Expansion Jacket it was also very easy to use my thumb drive all day.

    Just wanted to share how a TabletPC with an active digitizer can be used to make stuff!
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