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Discussion in 'Asus (Android)' started by daginagi2, Dec 22, 2013.

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    Hey guys. I live in Germany and I want do buy Asus eee Note but unfortunately I couldn't find anything. Is it possible tu buy one? I mean new, not used and what else could you recommend me? I need it just for writing... thanks a lot
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    Hi Daginagi2,
    I think the EeeNote is not available new anymore. You can try to catch one on ebay in good used condition. I also have several nice writing tablets which I plan to sell in January: an Irex Iliad, an Irex DR1000, an Onyx Boox X60, and a Hanvon WiseReader N800. The Hanvon is very similar to the EeeNote, but e-ink instead of LCD, so it has better contrast. Here is the link where I bought it:
    WISEreader N800 E Book Reader Electronic Book Free Shipping-in eBook Reader from Consumer Electronics on
    My price will be lower :) If you are interested, let me know and I will post a comment here when I put it on Ebay.
    Happy Holidays!

    UPDATE: New EeeNotes are again available on Ebay, at very good prices.
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