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    Going back to this thread to ask --- how do you guys deal with electronic waste (still under eco-friendliness so I suppose still on topic)? Most tech stuff are designed to last years so it's not an immediate thought unless you're after the latest product all the time. I know some companies follow the guidelines outlined here, but how about on an individual level? I do keep some of my electronics especially when it has sentimental value, and some are even passed on to relatives, but I am unsure what to do with the rest.
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    Our country banned single use plastic earlier this year. So no plastic straws, plastic shopping bags etc are available.
    I'm all for it...

    my only complaint is that paper straws are THE WORST which is what restaurants are using as an alternative.

    Definitely need to get some metal straws!
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    I also did cloth diapers for three girls. Entirely achievable.
    I've not owned paper towels for regular use in years. Only cloth towels. Still alive. ;P
    Compostable garbage bags.
    Biodegradable detergents.
    Don't use straws.

    Decking is an interesting subject. Some composite uses "virgin" wood in it, instead of waste material. I've actually built my deck out of a product called plastic lumber. American Plastic Lumber. It's 100% recycled HDPE plastic. Stamped texture. Looks like composite. 15 years and its as good as new.

    Sometimes waste isn't the issue though- it's how it biodegrades. So I also really feel like wood is a fine choice, if its harvested responsibly.
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    Agreed on paper straws. Would be better to drink from the glass/cup directly than on paper straws. which I don't mind at all.

    I also use cloth grocery bags. For a time I kept forgetting them when going to the store, but eventually it became a habit.

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