Easy canvas (turn iPad into Cintiq for Windows)

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    I have been looking at this for a while as an affordable alternative for Cintiq. The iPad Pro is expensive when it come out, but price will drop after each refresh, especially for used unit (2015 Ipp 12.9" can be bought refub for like 350$ on eBay); unlike actual Cintiq that remain high cost after many years even on used item. And if the most important purpose is to be used as a Cintiq, even the first gen iPP would still be powerful enough to deliver.

    Since I only have Windows device, the only option is EasyCanvas (same maker as Twomonusb, hopefully they make similar app for Samsung Note series). The developer allow 15 days trial, and the license cost like 10$. Here is something I noticed using it over lightning connection to my iPad 2018 non-pro. Host device is an old HP 2760P laptop with 2th gen i5, so it might affect display quality:

    -pressure works out of the box

    -a bit of delay is noticeable, but still pretty usable for drawing.

    - big delay could happen from time to time, probably limited by the lightning connection and processor power of host machine.

    -biggest limitation: no extend mode, you can only use iPad mirrored from the PC display and get limited by the highest resolution of the monitor connected to the PC. My laptop is 1280x800, so my iPad had big black bar due to aspect ratio not match. To get full use of the iPad screen, I would have to adjust the resolution down to the ancient 600x800 that defeat the purpose. So unless you have a 4k display PC, you wouldn't be able to get full use of the iPad resolution.

    So far the App is pretty decent for 10$. I guess the USB-C connection would be more decent and hopefully the 2018 Pro will get cheaper over the year.
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