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    Some of you may be interested in the DAC and headphone amplifier USB-C dongle I mentioned some time ago, the E1DA 9038D. Let me take a moment to answer that. IVX is the profile name or web handle of the person who is creating this USB C dongle, the E1DA 9038D. The E1DA 9038S is a balanced DAC and headphone amplifier USB-C dongle that is already in production but is only suitable for balanced terminated headphones, a style of wiring only applicable to enthusiast, often customized headphones, where there is essentially a dedicated ground for each channel rather than a common ground, using a TRRS-style connector. Attempting to use the 9038S through adapters to bridge those two ground lines together for traditional TRS-style connectors with single common ground for both left and right channels would short the electronic circuitry of that device.

    The E1DA 9038D is an unbalanced DAC and headphone amplifier USB-C still yet in development but it will be suitable for TRS-style connections with a common ground (what over 99% of headphones use on the market today) since the electronics will be designed specifically for that mode of operation. I estimate roughly that IVX’s 9038D will be finished in the coming months but you can follow development by keeping an eye out for an announcement in the 9038S thread here on AudioScienceReview, linked below:

    IVX has an official site for his E1DA brand of electronic devices here:

    He also has a Discord channel here where you can get the latest news as well:

    Once in production and released, the 9038D will available for sale on IVX’s official shop for his E1DA brand on AliExpress, linked below:

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