Drivers that work with Synaptics digitizer and pen?

Discussion in 'The Tablet PC Life' started by HJK, Nov 19, 2016.

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    I own an Asus T300 Chi and I was able to write on it decently with my Dell Active Stulus (AAGN, silver barrel) until the latest Windows 10 build was pushed out. Since then I can see a hover dot when I hold the pen near the screen, but that's it; I can't use it to write, click, or anything. It looks to me that there are no pen drivers installed on the device now. Does anyone know where I could look to get and install some drivers that might fix it? I don't see any on the Asus site. Should I reload the whole SOC?
    I'm posting here, not on the T300 Chi thread, because the T300 Chi thread is pretty much dead so I doubt my question would be noticed, and someone out there with a different device that also uses a Synaptics pen might have some relevant experience.
    Thanks in advance!
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