Drawing art on a pen tablet

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by huixiang, Oct 11, 2018.

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    I wanted to start drawing concept art, and textures for a quiet while now.
    Some people use a drawing display tablet for photoshop, but to have a good one, its pretty expensive.
    So is there anyone who uses a high sensitivity stylus, and draws on tablets?
    I have a XP-Pen DECO 01 , and I can quickly get a cheap stylus so im thinking of going with that.
    If anyone knows any good drawing software for this Pen Tablet please leave af response.

    Oh, and here the tablet itself: https://www.xp-pen.com/goods/show/id/224.html
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    You've definitely come to the right place!

    Just read through some of the threads; they are full of artists and note-takers sharing their experiences.

    One thing I don't quite understand though from your post; if you already have a tablet, (the kind without a screen), then wouldn't it have come with a pen?

    In any case, there are plenty of less expensive options for stand alone tablet PCs, 2-in-1 tablets and straight-up tablets which use pen technology for you to try out. eBay is your friend, as older used devices can be obtained for very reasonable amounts and which will give you a good idea as to whether the technology is what you're looking for or not. The tech has advanced over the years, but even the early models can be rewarding to draw on. -I've drawn whole graphic novels on screen tablet convertibles circa 2004!

    Please enjoy the forum and ask any questions you may have about the various drawing tablets. I'm sure folks here will be happy to try to answer.

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