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Discussion in 'Panasonic' started by SimsHsia, Oct 13, 2007.

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    i'm looking for a two-way stylus pen for my new panasonic cf-18 toughbook (windows tablet pc version, wacom digitizer screen) -- with a digitizer tip at one end, a ballpoint at the other.

    I guess i'm spoiled by the convenience of true-tip pen caps, which turn a ballpoint pen into a two-headed stylus for my (touchscreen) ipaq pda.

    I'm using a panasonic stylus pen (cf-vnp005u), which is barely OK.

    panasonic brand stylus pens seem to have limited options.
    Am I stuck with them?

    Or is there some way to find out which brands/models of digitizer stylus pens are compatible with the cf-18 -- other than just buy and pray?
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    Hi washactun,

    You'll have to look for stylus pens with the "Wacom Penabled" sticker or certification on it, e.g.:


    I'm not sure if you'll find a stylus pen with both a ballpoint pen and the other portion to be compatible with a Wacom digitizer; if you do find one, please do let us know! :)

    In addition to buying a third-party stylus pen, the stylus pen you plan to buy will most likely not be able to fit in the stylus pen garage or slot; you'll have to carry it around with you, or tether it, or velcro it somewhere to keep in handy when needed.

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