Does Anyone Use A XP-Pen deco 02 Graphics Tablet?

Discussion in 'Artists' started by zhouyi, Jul 19, 2018.

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    I am looking for some buying information about digital drawing tablets and pens. I would like to purchase an entry level drawing tablet and pen. I totally want the pen to have an eraser end which I have done some initial research and found out not all pens for drawing pads/tablets have an eraser end. I use adobe Illustrator, some Photoshop, for most of my design/graphics work on PC.

    I want something inexpensive but again really want it to be portable and the eraser end functionality is a must have. I would like to pay as far under $200 as possible. The research I have done has shown that the ones at a price point under $100 lack the eraser end is barely available (haven’t found one yet) and the wireless factor is available but not with a whole bunch of variety in models available. Important note is that I will be using it with a Windows 10 laptop.

    I was going to get the XP-Pen deco 02 graphics tablet ( ) . The DECO 02 drawing tablet have an eraser at the end of the pen .The stylus supports 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and the graphics pad has a 10 x 5.63 inch working area .it seems perfect.Any advice for an up and coming artist , good/bad experiences and so on?.

    Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
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    I realize this response is coming late, but perhaps this could be useful to someone else also considering this tablet. I don’t have any experience with the Deco 02, but have the Deco 03 with similar specs.
    So far, I have really enjoyed using it. I use it with a 22” monitor and CSP, and the drawing area maps to roughly 80% of the drawing area (subtracting the tools and layers windows). So, I don’t have to do as much panning.
    The pressure sensitivity is excellent. I actually halved the peak pressure in the tablet’s settings because it required me to press too hard to see full pressure. But if someone is able to use the full curve, the option is available for him/her.
    I use it wirelessly connected to a USB 3.0 dock. It works well enough for my needs, but may not be as responsive for others. For ex, there is some vectoring when drawing quick circles repeatedly. This didn’t bother me because the only time I draw anything quickly repeatedly is during cross hatching, and this keeps up just fine for that.
    Lastly, I really like that the pen does not require a battery or charging, like a several of the other Wacom alternatives on the market. If the Deco 02 is about as good as the 03, this should be a worthwhile buy.

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