Design and post your dream Tablet PCs!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ChaosSpear, Dec 17, 2007.

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    Shogmaster - Thanks! I dont mind constructive crtiacism so feel free to fire away in future - yeah I did botch the perspective on the sketch :/

    Im not an industrial designer - but that is kinda flattering :) I work freelance as an illustrator and animator... while trying to get into the games industry as a concept artist.

    The touch strips are a problem, perhaps if they are set only to recognise pen input.
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    Shog, I had a similar idea for the slide out keyboard, but what if the keyboard remained in the same position as a normal one? Here's a rapid sketch of the idea. The quality sucks, but I'm trying to sketch on a intuos :(

    Ps. As a fellow ID'er... bad ass sketches!

    PSS - the current processors are fine for me, as is the ram. All I want is a dedicated graphics option.

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    holy jesus!!!!!!
    i want one of these!!
    that looks absolutly amazing!!
    someone needs to hire shogmaster as a laptop product designer!!
    only one concern. does the screen rotate a full 360 degrees?
    that would be nice because when not in use the bottom would act as a screen protector.

    its so nice to finally find a forum with art users and not just the buissnes folk
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    I've dedcided to this myself! It looks like fun and I was bored.
    Im doing more of a render than a sketch, because I cant draw very good, and I dont have my TPC yet!!

    This is about 1/2 hours work. Its still a major work in progres.
    What it is...
    The Ultimate Graphic Design Tablet!
    This tablet is aim are Graphic Designers/Artist/Consumer.
    15.4" or 17" WSXGA 1680x1050, LED Backlit. TouchWrite (Passive and Wacom Digitizer with 512 levels of pressure and tilt!)
    SantaRosa Core 2 Duo 2.4ghz, 800mhz, 4mb L2 Cache
    Up to 4gb DDR 800mhz
    nVidia Dedicated card, 256mb
    2 DVI's in back, as well as an HDMI, S-Video.
    Also in back 2 usb ports.
    Side Ports: PCI Express, 1 USB, 1 FireWire, 2 interchangable modular bays (hardrive, dvd, extra battery, you can switch around to your preferance, one on each side of TPC)
    Front: Power on/off slider, 2 Headphone jacks, 1 mic jack, wifi on/on slider, edge display.
    Both Pointer stick, and touch pad!
    Speakers on each side of screen.

    I will developing it more as I get time, I took alot of ideas from the R400, including how the screen snapped to the sides for better support, etc.

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    ok, heres mine, sorry no pics or drawings:

    similar to the r400, but when you remove the keyboard/ wrist rest, you are looking at the mobo, and the only bay on the bottom is the battery cover.

    ports on the right from back to front:
    RJ-11 (maybe)
    VGA (or DVI)
    S-video in
    firewire 400
    PC card type 1/2
    Express card 54/34 (above PC Card slot)
    SPDIF (maybe)
    Pen silo

    Front left to right:
    indicators (AC Power, Power on off, Battery 1, Battery 2, HDD, WWAN/WLAN)
    Heads up Display
    Buttons (HUD: back, stop, forward, Volume: mute, down, up)

    Left side front:
    quick access to HDD

    Battery bay cover evenly lined up with ends of speakers ( and latches for screen)

    Screen left:
    fingerprint scanner (to scan, finger runs parallel to screen)

    Screen right to center hinge:
    screen rotate (tilt screen and push button, rotates so lowest part of screen becomes bottom)
    hold (turns off all screen buttons, held for 3 seconds to turn on buttons again)

    the entire case is black magnesium alloy, but the wrist rest (up to keyboard) is silver/ black brushed aluminum (for feel when typing)

    the keyboard is flush with the case to the screen is protected also at the right of the kb the buttons go as follow

    left of: (like sony sz kb)
    F12- del
    backspace- home
    \ (|)- page up
    enter- page down
    shift- up (up lined up with enter) then end
    left, down, right (down under up and right under end)

    keys must be silent

    for the battery cover, open it up and there are 2 slots for small batteries (6 cell minimum)
    if plugged in, both batteries can be removed, and only 1 is used at a time, so when one dies, it auto switches to the other, so while comp is on, remove cover, remove the dead battery and put in a fresh one so when the current one dies it switches to the fresh on and so on.

    will get pics up in 2 weeks (minimum) after exams when my dad gives me his old tablet, or i will scan papered drawings
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    Hello there! Nice posts..its really amazing to read all those amusing ideas, je!

    I have no direct experience with tablets... I am just buying myself one... Anyway I have noticed that almost all of them have integrated graphics, and limited audio/media capabilities. So my idea is not much about the tablet itself, which you guys have thought so nicely, but about a sort of docking solution solution to overcome this problem. Allowing the user to have versatility while not sacrificing performance/graphical power when needed. So given a tablet you could have a docking station with an embedded dedicated video/sound card (in the same spirit as the Asus GX GPU), the optical drive, extra ports (specially those missing in the tablet itself), extra RAM (IBM announced or patented the external extra Ram thing) and some extra goodies.

    Even more the docking station could use a bigger screen fed through the GPU, arranged in sch a way that you could benefit from both screens, the tablet screen plus the other one. The inconvenient would be of course that such a device would not be portable but the idea is be able to have a portable device (the tablet) with basic features which gets fully powered when docked. I will post some drawings when I get some time..

    See you guys around
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    With cost in mind, my ideal tablet would be rather similar to the T4210 I have currently, just some improvements.

    1. What's with black on the outside, silver on the inside? If I had my way the whole screen chassis would be black, joint included ^^
    2. A thinner screen, preferably, for better comfort in tablet mode.
    3. More customisable buttons, and placed appropriately for a left-hander (the pen-holder as well)
    4. Metal screen clip (I know the F-S models have it, the Fujitsu ones don't...)
    5. Better hardware utilities
    6. Swap out the modem for another USB port
    7. Better speakers... or at least speakers that don't leak electricity >.>
    8. Lighter battery, though I'm probably pushing it with this one.
    9. SXGA+ screen with no drop in viewing angle.

    I'm ok with not having dedicated graphics, to keep costs down. The rest of the features have put me in bliss for the past 9 months, and most of my gripes are with software support anyway. No major complaints.

    Well, alright, let's push it anyway ^^

    10. Backlit graphic LCD for status display - customisable to show anything you like - media player status, miscellaneous messages, etc
    11. Graphics card, better fsb and memory speed, duh.
    12. Touchscreen for touchpad ;-) and if you plug in a mouse and external display, allow the touchscreen pad to control the external display... and make it bluetooth-removable like someone's keyboard further up =)
    better yet, make it a multi-function display that displays anything you want... colour palettes, remote control, etc
    13. Infinite-angle rotable screen.
    14. Stylus with at least 3 buttons and mini scroll wheel (or have the scroll wheel at the side of the screen, like some mp3 players)
    15. Better fingerprint reader scroll function
    16. gyro-based screen auto-rotate function
    17. Screen protector clips, maybe?
    18. Customisable film-covered touch buttons right beside the screen. An extension of the graphic LCD idea, where a long and thin screen beside the main screen displays different customisable icons for each application... i.e. in word, icons appear for common functions such as insert symbol, show desktop, and maybe even taskbar applications.
    19. Faster wake from standby
    20. hardware buttons for screen control, like desktop monitors (not fun having to control screen brightness in tablet mode)

    I think I'll stop :)

    [edit] Ok, a drawing to illustrate some of the main features. You'll probably notice that a few are taken/inspired from some of the ideas above, and probably also the fact that I can't draw to save my life -_- (yes, I know the screen is smaller than the body...)


    The tablet supports screen tilt - the whole body forms the support ;-) non-slip rubber feet hold the screen and support in place.
    Button strip is similar to the touch strip mentioned above, except more pressure is necessary - maybe even 'clicking-sound' buttons?
    The scroll wheel is exactly what it sounds like. A scroll wheel, ripped out from a mouse and built into the side of the screen.
    The graphic LCD is like what you'll find on a small mp3 player - displays customisable graphics or text, or reverts to default display on user command
    Notice almost all input is bluetooth-based. Not sure if the BIOS would support this, heh. RF would be a nice alternative as well. Keyboard and multi-purpose touchpad are both removable. Numpad included in PCMCIA/ExpressCard slot.
    The touchpad has a touch screen for a pad. The screen displays any GUI, be it for a remote control, colour palettes for art software, extra shortcuts, what have you. So it works both as a button controller or a touchpad.
    Multimedia control is very generic, I know, no good ideas yet =P
    I was thinking how, when all input devices were removed, the exposed surface could work to release heat as well... so while on the move your laptop would be running more slowly. Once plugged in with input devices deployed it can run faster and dissipate more heat.
    One thing not mentioned and not very obvious is the hinge setup. Most tablets use a small 2-way hinge that forces left-right movement about the axis perpendicular to the body chassis. Not nice when the body is in tilt mode and you want to turn the screen to the left/right to see better. And many other reasons as well. So I've decided to go with this setup that allows left-right movement about the axis through the screen's width.
    I didn't mention processor upgrades, etc other upgrades not visible - they're just obvious.

    If you're wondering about the placement of things like the buttons etc, well, I'm a leftie ;-)
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    Hey Shogmaster,

    Looks like some designers at ammunition (located in San Francisco) and Microsoft has a concept design for a convertible Tablet PC/notebook that looks very similar to the design you posted. Called the Microsoft Cobalt; in addition, the other concept PC designs are very interesting as well.

    Sources: istartedsomething / Steve Clayton
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    That thing looks awful, Sims. If you want the keyboard out, you'd need at least two laps to put it on for a laptop-like effect.
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    Heh, it is a concept design, we'll probably see the actual result of this concept in a few years down the road. :)

    But for an artist, the slide-out keyboard may be beneficial when they need to use the keyboard for keyboard shortcuts. They could probably slide out the keyboard and put it aside (assuming it's wirelessly connected to the Tablet via Bluetooth or some similar technology in the future) and use it when needed. Other than that, they just need the pen and the Tablet itself to draw/ink away. ;)

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