Dell XPS 13 9365 2-in-1

Discussion in 'Dell' started by kvoram, Jan 3, 2017.

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    Any good deals on this device with the Wacom pen?
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    7 Months with the 9365:

    Dell (and probably Microsoft) have fixed almost everything that annoyed me about this 2-in-1 including adaptive brightness, wifi disconnects after waking from sleep, issues when rotating the device, and other minor things. I have religiously updated drivers and checked every 15 days or so. The Dell update app never finds them all. Other things:
    • It still has cable whine. Mostly when plugged in, but occasionally also during multimedia playback on battery.
    • Battery life is mediocre. No way it gets 15hrs. More like 6-7 for web browsing.
    • Camera FINALLY rotates properly in Skype when in tent mode so you can avoid nostril cam.
    • Every 4 - 5 times it sleeps, when it wakes up a huge chunk of battery missing the next day. This is so annoying and there appears to be no pattern as to why.
    • The pen is slightly laggy and palm rejection sometimes fails.
    • WHY doesn't this wake up when you open the lid OR press a key? You have to use the damn power button which is squishy so it's hard to get physical feedback. The only good thing related to this is Dell released a bios update so that as soon as the power button is pressed Dell light up the keyboard so you know you've actually pressed it. Before you were just guessing.
    • Fairly impressed with build quality. It has held together well and the hinge hasn't shown any sign of losing stiffness.
    • Battery and SSD are fairly easy to replace.
    • So glad I went with the FHD screen both for battery life and I really have never been disappointed in the screen resolution when using it.
    • Laptop size and weight
    • Screen versatility, brightness, and edge-to-edge display
    • Fanless, so almost dead quiet
    • Build quality
    • USB-C Charging on either side
    • Pen
    • Takes Dell 4 months to fix major problems with drivers
    • Battery - It's not the worst but it isn't great either
    • Windows handling laptop to tablet mode could be much better
    • Dell's update software sucks
    • Collects fingerprints/marks on carbon fiber
    • Cable whine
    • Would have liked a full size SD slot instead of micro
    • Windows in general
    • Unpredictable battery drain every 4-5 sleep cycles - I don't know if I should blame Microsoft or Dell for this
    • Can only wake it up from power button (after extended sleep)
    • Power button is squishy with little tactile feedback
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    Thanks for the info!
    So is this a worthy purchase ? I wonder if I should get one now or wait for Windows 10S?
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    Dell Inspiron 15 7560 is also a great laptop. It also has a bezel-less display and some powerful specs. The spec list includes
    - Windows 10
    - Intel i7
    - 8GB or 16GB RAM
    - Nvidia GT 940 MX 2GB or 4GB
    - 1 TB SATA
    Also, the Dell Support number is always available so in case of any trouble you can always contact them.

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