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Discussion in 'Dell' started by Glen757, Jul 9, 2017.

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    Hello all,

    I am having an issue changing my Dell Venue pro 7140. I have done a ton of research and it seems that lots of people have a similar issue but not exactly what I'm experiencing.

    One say my tablet started to flicker like it was going on and off in power save mode. After that Windows started telling me my charger was plugged in but not charging. Once it died I have not been able to charge since.

    I have the keyboard dock which will charge on it's own and if I attach the tablet to the keyboard dock it will work. However if I attempt to put in the micro USB charger into the tablet it will instantly shut down.

    So far I have updated the Bios, bought another Dell Charger, removed/reboot the battery from the tablet, charged from the wall instead of surge protector and nothing has worked. I recently ordered another battery from ebay since I am in desperation mode but I have not received it yet.

    Sorry for the long first post but is there anyone out there that can help?
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