Dell Inspiron 15 - 7000 - 15.6" Wacom AES!

Discussion in 'Dell' started by thatcomicsguy, Apr 30, 2016.

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    Some thing from MS hints us N-trig.
    In this case I think we have to do a little extra homework.
    Even though manufacture's document is always a reliable source. Some time this lack, under cover, or even lists incorrect information.
    Remember how people discovered ThinkPad 11e would work with a digitizer?
    I suspect if so may 6th gen Inspiron devices support digital pen. While
    this compatibility list is available only in Dell, nowhere else.
    If you look at the review part, only 1/20 confirms it works.
    You very easy solution is to drop by a Surface store every where and let you check if Surface Pen works on your device.
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  3. Spyder_Man

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    Thanks okiejam and thatcomicsguy. It's for a family member and I have a surface so I can test it out when I see them next. It's very confusing advertisement and it doesn't seem that Dell will be much help either!

    Ill update once I figure out what works. Hopefully it'll help the next person looking for a stylus for these laptops.
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    Does anyone uses this pc with the Dell active pen with success? I've owned this device since january 2017 and been loosing my patience everytime I try to use the pen to draw in photoshop. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it just stops working and that's it. I also tried using it on krita under linux and it seems to work better but I don't like krita as much as I've been using photshop for years and I'm already used to it.
    It's so hard to find info about issues with dell active pen on the web and dell support seems to know near to nothing about it.
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