Dell canvas 27 pwm free?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by axel9546, Apr 10, 2019.

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    hi is the dell canvas pwm free? I would love to have a wacom but it use pwm on display !
    Does the dell has it?
    How u compare it to the wacom qhd 27? Pen, display, lag, jitter, parallax? Thanks!
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    The Dell Canvas 27 does not use PWM. It's one of the selling points. Dell designed a premium device in every respect -except one. The pen driver suffers from some subtle issues in terms of line quality. It leaves little hooks at the beginnings of lines if you hatch quickly. I've had to learn to slow down a bit on parallel strokes. It reminds me of using a bristol board with a heavier tooth than I normally use which would affect how my pen would lay down ink, and I'd have to slow down to get the lines I wanted. Otherwise, it's an excellent system. I appreciate not having to stress over the brightness control.
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