Dead/Intermittently functioning Type Cover issue on SP3

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by DRTigerlilly, Mar 4, 2018.

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    So I've seen multiple posts about this issue on Microsoft's Support forum, and on the Surface Subreddit and other Microsoft Forums, I've even seen Computer World (the only tech publication that seems interested in holding Microsoft's feet to the fire) post about it.

    The issue is characterized by the Type Cover failing to be detected by the device, sometimes post a Windows Update.

    In my case I've tried the Type Covers on my SP4 and they work flawlessly w/o issue, but on the SP3, they work intermittently.

    I notice that under Keyboards in device Manager when it functions, there are two HID keyboard devices (One becomes the Surface Type Cover filter). When it malfunctions only on appears.

    I've tried the two button reset
    Resetting the device
    Manually adding the Surface Type Cover Filter driver
    Restarting the device
    cleaning the contacts on the Type Cover & the SP3 (which initially seemed to solve the problem)

    The only fix Microsoft seems to recommend is device replacemento_O

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