Cube iWork11 , Wacom EMR stylus , Atom x5 , 4GB of ram , 1080p screen , 250$ price tag

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by alisaad619, Feb 15, 2016.

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    as a poor student who talk to poor students regularly I know that we like Surface and the rest of the high end tablets but most of the time we can't get them , a year ago I was so happy when Toshiba announced the Encore 2 write , I saw the 400$ price tag as a great deal for a windows tablet with a good pen (and I bought it for my brother) now a year later I have a new default recommendation for the low end , Cube iWork11 Stylus.

    and it's amazing that the cube specs actually is better than the toshiba even though it is 150$ less expensive , let's go through the specs of the cube iWork11 :-

    1080p 10 inch IPS screen (without gorilla glass)
    Atom x5 Z8300
    4GB of RAM
    64GB of Storage
    Wacom EME digitizer (the Stylus sold separately for 30$)
    the cube Stylus have a back eraser
    IO / micro hdmi , micro usb , micro sd , DC charging port.
    wireless/ wifi is not A C ,only b g n

    it's price is 250$ , and sometimes last year it was on sale for 210$ , the Stylus is 30$ , the keyboard is 55$ (although the keyboard does not seem that special)

    Video review

    the link for the iWork11 tablet
    the link for the stylus (although any Wacom stylus will work, like this one which I use and like)
    the Keyboard link (which I don't think that it's a good value , there's other cheaper options like this one ,or this one which I use and like)

    P.S / not every iWork11 support the wacom stylus , the device with 4gb of ram is the one that support wacom , like the one that I linked to .

    so I really like this device , it bring down the price of good 2in1 device to a very low price (especially for students in my country this price point is more doable , unlike the surface 3 price ) , what do you think of it , and if you own this device please share your impressions here
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