Creating a Backup of Essential Access Software

Discussion in 'Fujitsu' started by Rondo60, Jan 30, 2018.

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    I totally don't understand this- if I follow directions, after saving to an external media, can I then change it back to save to original c drive location so I can keep the file Fujitsu Software Extractor on my T935 afterwards? or will it write a bunch of extracted files? How much space do I need on external media? Any help would be appreciated.

    Instructions from manual-
    1. Open the C:\Fujitsu\Drivers\AutoInstaller\ folder
    2. Run “Fujitsu Software Extractor” as an Administrator
    a. Right-click on Fujitsu Software Extractor.
    b. Select the “Run as Administrator” option from the menu that is displayed.
    3. The default save location is C:\Fujitsu\AutoInstaller\Drivers\. You can change the location by clicking on the Browse button and selecting your preferred location.
    Note: It is recommended that you change the default location and save the software packages to the external writable media or drive.
    4. Click on the Save Packages button.
    5. Fujitsu Software Extractor copies the zipped software packages and Readme files, and extracts the Auto Installer folder to the selected location.
    Note: The extracted Auto Installer will later be used to install the software automatically on the system, in the event the system is recovered with the generic image where the software is not pre-installed in the image.
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