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Discussion in 'Site Suggestions and Site Help' started by Tourniquet, May 10, 2019.

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    for weeks I couldn't access the page anymore. Instead I got an error message about TechTarget. Because I didn't know what TechTarget is, I was under the impression the website was bought and deleted.

    Just because I switched the new Edge I realized it was some kind of cookie problem I guess?

    After deleting the cookies, it now works again, but I can't get rid of the Privacy Notice. Every time I click on "Save & Exit" it's gone, but when I click on any link it's shown there again :(
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    <<...I switched the new Edge...>>

    ...When you say the "new Edge," do you mean the beta Edge built on Chrome? If so, you probably need to be posting on the Microsoft / Edge boards as this is likely to be an bug in this new incarnation of their browser...
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    @Tourniquet the browser probably threw up a security warning and offered you a block this site, ignore and continue choice. You probably played safe and blocked the site. Clearing the cookies removed the security flag you had previously set. Now your back to being warned while using the ignore/continue state.

    @Steve S The chances are that it's not a bug, but due to the lack of SSL certificate on the site.

    For a free and easy fix TechTarget could apply Lets Encrypt to all their domains.

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