Cooling mod for the j3500

Discussion in 'Motion Computing' started by Gmoore6550, Jul 30, 2017.

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    I was trying to figure out if anyone has figured how a good was to keep this thing cool,
    I was wondering if i cut a hole the back and put a grill and filter on it will that be a good idea or a stupid one?
    motion computing j3500
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    <<...will that be a good idea or a stupid one?..>>


    Your J3500 was designed to work the way it is, not with random holes cut in it. Having said that, some have reported lowering tablet operating temperature by simply using a USB fan, aimed so that it blows on the back of the tablet.

    Another solution might be to use a laptop cooler; there are many kinds available from retailers like Amazon:

    Note that this link does not constitute any endorsement. It's simply an example.

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