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Discussion in 'What Tablet PC Should I Buy?' started by kuja01, Mar 30, 2014.

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    I picked up a Thinkpad Yoga from the local MS Store. I've been hesitant about getting one because of the image retention issues that people have complained about.

    1. It's true the machine has image retention out of the box. I applied a new calibration profile from a user on the Notebook Review forum and I can't see the image retention anymore. It will obviously still be there if I switch the profile back, but I can't see it at all now. It really wasn't bothering me before I switched the profile either.

    2. The MS store model only has 4gb of RAM. I thought this was going to be a show stopper since in Windows 7 I almost always use about 3.9 GB of RAM or more. I've been running OneNote, Excel, Chrome (with 10 tabs), DropBox and whatever else has been running in the background. When all of that is going, Task Manager usually says I'm using 60% of my RAM, so about 2.4GB. I figure if I close all my other applications to run Photoshop I could work on a pretty decent size canvas for a while until I ran into issues.

    3. It's really quiet and cool. I've barely heard the fan at all. Every time it's barely audible.

    4. Build quality on my unit is nice and solid. It feels light for a convertible (it's really not a tablet so it shouldn't be compared to one weight-wise). I thought it was going to be heavier. The hinges look like they will be durable. I think the keyboard is fantastic.

    5. Battery life has been good, I'm generally getting 5-8 hours of use which is sufficient for my needs.

    Price is $1099 from the MS Store. If you can get a student discount you'll get 10% off that price. The same model on Lenovo's website is $1399!

    I hope that helps your decision. I wouldn't hesitate on the Yoga. It might be my favorite laptop/tablet I've owned yet and I've had quite a few over the years.
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    Thank you for the information, I almost set my mind for the yoga.
    The SP2 is also a good choice but I think I will need the stability of a laptop mode in some situations so the yoga is the best overall choice.
    I didn't know the MS store had such a lower price compared to the Lenovo shop :O and I was also debating about the amount of ram and potential CPU upgrade.

    PS. The main reason why I would prefer a newer hardware, as silly as it could sound, is because of the slightly more powerful integrated GPU that would make my occasional gaming slightly better.
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