Content of a German T4220 package (T4220-02DE)

Discussion in 'Fujitsu' started by TabTom, Nov 24, 2007.

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    Hi there,

    I am so happy! I have just received my Fujitsu Siemens T4220 and would like to share my happiness with you while the battery is being charged.

    Apart from what the Fujitsu Siemens website lets one know, here is the packing list of my T4220-02DE bundle (specs of the machine in my sig):

    1 x no paper ads at all!

    2 x AC adapter 80 W including 2 power cords
    1 x port replicator (line out, 4 x USB 1 x Ethernet, 1 x DVI, 1 x VGA, power in)

    1 x CD "Nero FSC" (Fujitsu Siemens Computers)
    1 x Recovery DVD "Twinload Tablet-PC Windows XP Prof"
    1 x "Windows Vista Business"
    1 x CD "Win-DVD 7.0B.27.169"
    1 x CD "SmartCase Logon+ 2.1"
    1 x "Drivers & Utilities DVD Vista 2007.04"
    1 x DVD "Value4You Business Suite" including Babylon translator, Photoshop Elements and Corel Office suite

    1 x screen protector Stylistic ST5010 (I have not opened the pack to check on the amount of protectors included)
    1 x pen + replacement tips + tether

    I am glad that Fujitsu Siemens has learnt its lesson as it seems. From what I had read here and elsewhere, I had not expected EMEA-T4220 to be shipped with a pen tether and a screen protector (for this case, I have ordered a 3M Vikuiti ARMR200 pack, which I expect to arrive today).
    Also, according to the FSC website, they usually charges a royal fee for the physical variants of the CDs/DVDs.

    My additional modular bay battery came with a sleeve (I guess this is standard).

    Unpacking, I have made some pics. Please let me know whether you want to see these.

    Folks, if it had not been for you, I would have gone for a X61T. Thank you very much for turning my head!

    Three cheers!
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    Good idea to share this, Torch!

    I received mine last week in Austria. It's the same T4220-02DE bundle and I can confirm the same content (though my "Value4You" DVD is not working).

    I didn't know, there is a port replicator included, so I ordered a seperate one. So now I have 2 port replicators and 3 AC adapters.

    The TabletPC has an UMTS module built in, and I tested it with a SIM card of T-mobile (Austria!). It works without any problems! No special software or configuration was needed. And the module also works in HSDPA mode.

    Overall I am satisfied after one week of usage.

    Though I am still sad, that this device isn't available with SXGA+ in Europe. :(

    And in the meantime, I think a "multitouch" (WACOM pen AND finger; available for X61) would incredible increase productivity. I really wish I would be able to navigate through some software just by a tip of my finger.

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    FYI: The model T4220-02DE comes with 1 GB Intel TurboMemory.
    (see also Thread about hard disc Q)
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