Collusion App+Pen - Finally a decent pen/stylus for the iPad?

Discussion in 'Apple/iOS' started by DRTigerlilly, Sep 2, 2012.

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    I've been debating getting an ipad and honestly what's been holding me back is the pen experience/ handwriting experience etc, that i've grown accustomed to with windows based tablet pc's. Onenote and the wacom experience are honestly what keep me tethered.

    I previously thought the iPen might be that solution, or even the Lunatik Touch Pen, but reviews of the former on youtube, seem to prove that the device hasn't lived up to it's expectations.

    The Lunatik, i still couldn't get over the finger tip like nib/nub, but reviewers on youtube claims it works pretty well, still waiting on actual video evidence.

    That said all my misgiving seem to have dissipated with the Collusion App+Pen solution. If their videos are an accurate representation of their product...I am so sold & getting an iPad & Collusion Pen.

    I've been tentatively watching the Windows 8 Tablets, and I'm not a fan of the no longer called Metro interface, but the desktop environment still doesn't seem suited to finger/touch interaction....don't know when MS will ever get it...

    The Surface hardware looks good and the other OEM's have nice looking devices too, but between the lack of finger friendliness of the OS and that now that I do have an iOS device (in my phone), all the apps/textbooks that make me want a slate are in iOS.

    anyways enough of my rant

    here it is: Collusion - iPad pen productivity solved by Collusion — Kickstarter
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    its a cool concept but no pressure sensitivity kills it.

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