Clip StudioPaint EX IOS version-Free for 6 Months

Discussion in 'Artists' started by crazycat, Nov 8, 2017.

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    Good news for Ipad Pro user, Celsys just came out with an Ipad version for Clip Studio Paint. And you can use it for free for six months!

    This is definitely a game changer for people who love the Apple pencil but not so confident about IOS app. From reviews, it looks like the app got the full function of desktop version, screenshoot show UI looking pretty much identical to the desktop version as well. The only thing I don't like about IOS is the lack of file management and look like they didn't connect it to icloud yet.

    The bad news? This app seem to be on subscription basis: 8$/month. So I guess Ipad pro user will still stuck with subscripting to either Astropad or Clip Studio EX for full program drawing.

    If Celsys ever come out with a PRO version with fixed price, I would be pretty tempted to hunt for an (old, used) Ipad Pro. For now I will just stick with Windows.:D
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    Man, I was going to say, "Call me when they're on Android," but if they're going with a subscription model on mobile OSes, I'm out. I'll stick with Windows. I don't draw that much on my Note 4 anyway. MediBang Paint is more than good enough for the occasional doodle.
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