Clip Studio Paint EX released for iPad

Discussion in 'Apple/iOS' started by surfaceproartist, Nov 7, 2017.

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    I would be very skeptical if Apple ever released an Ipad Larger then 12.9 inches......I mean that current one is so large go bigger would make it....more unusable....given the apple aesthetics/marketing of how they envision people using ipad in the 13-16+ in range would be.....almost comical.

    ....I could see day......(soon?)......making a full MacOSX tablet/hybrid device in the 13-16+ size range.....with full touch screen and apple pencil compatibility.......(Wacom fears this very day)......that would be more likely then a larger iPad.

    regarding CSP WinX going the subscription route......I hope to dear god not.....but I think it would be very likely at this point......Photoshop CC paved that path, and the iOS CSP is the test run.....if they do I pray they lower the price......$8.99 a month is kind of ridiculous....I payed like $80-ish years back for CSP EX (one of the many sales)......and half the allure of the program is that is fairly cheap......Given how many years I've been using CSP......that subscription model would cost a hell of a lot more in the long term. All it would do is help facilitate the program being pirated more.
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    CSP making its way to iOS singlehandedly made the iPad Pro + Pencil combo a potential contender.

    The fact that it's subscription-only, however, was an instant deal-breaker in turn. I already dropped good money on Windows + macOS licenses, I don't need to be fleeced every single month after that just for an additional mobile version!

    I'd also hope that I don't have to go through Dropbox or OneDrive specifically, considering that my preferred workflow at home is to simply copy/paste files over the home LAN. I've even got an 8 TB USB 3.0 HDD connected to my router as a poor man's NAS. Whether iOS 11 allows this or not is something I don't know, but prior versions didn't even attempt any semblance of file management, which would've been a deal-breaker in and of itself.
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    Both statements - very true!
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