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Discussion in 'Artists' started by Art_N00b, Apr 18, 2018.

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    There's a new feature in the latest version of CSP (v1.9.4), i haven't tested it, i only saw this yesterday.

    "A new option has been added to the existing Adjust by speed setting. You can now choose to adjust the stabilization level to increase when drawing slowly to avoid small jitters."

    This version also apparently supports Side Car for macOS 10.15 Catalina.

    "When using Sidecar, you can use a three-finger swipe to undo or redo."

    And i don't know what exactly is Clipstudio Tabmate (except from what i can guess by the name),
    "While using Sidecar, you’ll also be able to use the Clip Studio Tabmate."

    The rest of the Side Car features:
    1. Extended desktop
      - Drag and drop the Canvas window to the iPad to draw with the Apple Pencil. Touch gestures can also be used. (However, you cannot use touch gestures for UI operations.) You’ll be able to view entire canvases and files on your Mac display. If you set the iPad as your main display, you can also use the Mac application on your iPad.
    2. Mirroring
      - Mirror Clip Studio Paint open on the Mac and draw on the iPad.

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    The Tabmate is the small Bluetooth shortcut key remote the Makers of Clip Studio put out last year.....sort of their answer to the Wacom Express Key Remote.
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    Just updated to 1.9.4

    Interesting. That's a whole stack of new sliders and widgets you can tweak to adjust brush stabilization and error correction.

    However, they could use some fine tuning themselves!

    Post error correction based on magnification and speed? That sounds great! -When I draw small and slowly, the line coughs a fair bit. If obvious jaggies can be smoothed out, that would be useful. Does it work? Barely. On the very lightest setting, it works-ish. On even the next setting up, it flattens deliberate curves, and puts corners into rounded parts. How is that useful? It's not.

    Luckily for me, the alternative Wintab driver (versus the MS "Tablet PC" driver), seems to be working properly again, where the small/slow jaggies are a non issue. It's about time! (Though, I can't tell if it's something I did, or if CSP fixed a bug. Either way, it's working properly again and I'm not touching anything! It might even be worth cloning my hard drive right about now...!)

    Though there are a few other items in the update which look positive. I'll have to play with them. And regular tweaks and bug-fixes do accrue over time, making CSP into a much more stable and easy-to-use package than it was a few years ago. The devs should be thanked for their continued efforts!
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    Reuben Lara made a "version 2" of his Clip Studio Paint Basics video, posted March 2019, now clocking in at 1 hour 46 minutes! I found it quite helpful. He has some other shorter, single topic videos on his channel, such as re-lighting a scene.

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