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    Hi All,

    Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is CLeonard and I’m the new Director of Community for the TechnologyGuide sites. Previously I worked for an engineering media company called GlobalSpec, serving as their Director of Community and Engineering Editorial Content. I developed and managed a successful community site there called CR4, which focused on engineering, technology and science topics. I served as head moderator, chief social media marketer, content acquirer, tone setter, trainer, evangelist, and champion of the site within the company. In the TabletPC Review forums, I’ll be serving as advocate for the user community, content acquirer, and the final arbiter of moderation issues. Most notably, I'll be looking for ways to increase participation and improve forum technology.

    I’ll be around the forums during regular business hours M-F (Eastern Standard Time) and quite often on nights and weekends, as I’m one of those guys who lives on his computer.

    Feel free to contact me (in this thread or via the internal messaging system) if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Don't be bashful.

    Finally, I'm going to leave the previous Community Manager announcement up for a few more days as there is still ongoing discussion in that thread.

    Nice to meet all of you,
    - CLeonard
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