Cintiq Pro 16 - design defect?

Discussion in 'Other Brands' started by RocketBoots, Aug 6, 2018.

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    That looks similar to an issue I had with my Cintiq Companion 1, which appeared shortly after the warranty had expired. That was shortly after I had already contacted Wacom support about the infamous power connection issue, which had occurred within weeks of the warranty period ending. Wacom weren't prepared to help beyond offering me ludicrously expensive repair cost, to repair what was a known manufacturing defect, for a unite that cost in excess of 1700 GBP.

    On the upside I fixed the power issue myself, and the heat damage on the screen isn't so obvious once the screen is powered up. There is some discolouration in that area of the screen but it's useable for the most part.

    After witnessing the way Wacom treated myself and many others with respect to the manufacturing defects of the Companion 1, I decided that would be the last Wacom product I would ever purchase. I share my experience at any given opportunity, to try and prevent others making a very expensive mistake. I was seriously tempted by the MSP 16 but couldn't purchase on principle, and the likely risk of latent failure/fault arrising. Looks like I made a wise decision for a change.

    I'm really sorry to see that people are having similar issues with Wacom's latest products. Based on my experience dealing with Wacom customer support, the chances of a favourable outcome are very slim indeed imho. I hope you folk prove me wrong.

    I doubt this will be much use, but here it is anyway, as it seems to support your claims and gives some historical context with the issue discussed above.


    Companion 1 screen heat damage top, screen powered on bottom.

    Following that Wacom experience I purchased two Samsung Notebook 9 Pro's, one 2017 Gen7 and a 2018 Gen 8, both of which look and perform as well today as they did straight out of the box.

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