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    I'm something of a compulsive eBay guy when it comes to tablets.

    I don't buy much, but I'm always fascinated by the trends, and right now we're in the middle of a bit of a surge.

    For the last couple of years, the Cintiq 24" -that 60 lb. monster was very rarely seen being hawked on digital trading posts. It was, in my opinion, the best of the best, offering a great screen size, resolution and form factor allowing for easy adjustablity on a flat desktop. When they did go for auction, they started at $2000 and went up. Basically, if you owned one, you kept it.

    Well, the recent influx of new screens has changed all of that, and I suspect, due to one screen in particular. In close correlation with the release of Microsoft's Surface Studio, which offers a similar but far more elegantly executed ability to work easily from the flat of one's desktop, coupled with a modern, much higher resolution screen.., it appears that many artists are deciding at the same time to upgrade. -Who wants to see course pixels when you can have close-to-real? Who ever made use of stylus angle awareness anyway? With all the new screens coming out today.., the tactical artist must be feeling some pressure to unload their monster 24" while it still carries a decent trade value!

    Better be quick about it.

    -Judging from my own desire to see one of Wacom's 24" screens mounted to my desk, -once the pinnacle of the technology in my view, (the 27" QHD just didn't quite appeal to me for some reason), which has in recent weeks diminished to almost nothing. Where would I even put it?

    That new Dell Canvas coming out soon looks very nice, has double the resolution... Heck, I'd be tempted to try one of those alt Cintiqs. Some of those have batteryless pens now and are extremely affordable, comparatively speaking.

    And people in the market seem to be painfully aware of this. In the last month, the price has been dropping on used 24" Cintiq boards. I was just looking at one today with a buy now price of $1150. Free shipping.

    But I dunno... $1150 is pretty darned close to "Get something new and way less battleship"...

    Interesting times for digital artists!
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    I'm not sure why this is under buy sell but the 24 inch wacom and the 27 inch wacom are actually the same size. The 27 came after the 24 and for whatever reason they work out with the borders and everything as the same size. The 27 inch dell canvas looks appealing. wacom tech. higher rgb 98% or something and it's about 600 dollars cheaper than the wacom.
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