Cintiq 13"HD... an overpriced paperweight?

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by SteveD, Mar 19, 2017.

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    I'm running an Acer Predator17 i7, 32gb RAM & 2 SSD's, Win10Pro, for video editing compositing and hi rez image manipulation. I've gotten a Wacom Cintiq for use with the laptop, purchased in the bundle with Painter 2017. After installing the Wacom driver, I find that I cannot actually use the Cintiq, beyond occasionally being able to calibrate the stylus, before the Cintiq goes blank and restarts the laptop.Often (and it isn't consistent, dammit) I have touch response from the tablet and it works fine for a while, but the minute the stylus contacts the tablet, PFFT, the tablet goes blank and the laptop restarts again. And again. And again.
    Numerous re-installs of the Wacom driver, even a reinstall of WIn10 Pro, to no avail. Trying alternate cabling, to no avail. Both Acer and especially Wacom have no clue, after numerous calls to tech support, and I cant find anyone else listing this problem as happening. The laptop works beautifully otherwise, runs the entire Adobe suite like a dream and is fast as can be asked for. But this Cintiq, well, I'd be tempted to snap it in half in a doorjamb if it weren't so expensive. I'm on the verge of returning it and getting myself a nice cheap Chinese tablet monitor.There are no other PCs accessible to try the tablet on, and I'm at my wit's end.

    Anyone have any usable insight into this vexing dilemma?
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    I have no insights, and no experience with either of your machines, however, I'm assuming you've tried the basics of troubleshooting:
    • Try diff't USB port
    • Try diff't USB cable
    • Exchange the Cintiq for another one as yours may be broken
    I also have no experience with "nice cheap Chinese tablet monitors," however based on what I've seen in the tablet PC world, I'd stay far from cheap chinese pen enabled devices as very few companies do pens right other then nTrig/MS and Wacom
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    using the same driver over and over will yield the same results. try a different older driver.
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    Put your cintiq on different laptop and desktop pc.
    If it works, then your cintiq is fine.
    I have similar problem in the past with "chinese cintiq" in a laptop with switchable graphic (nvidia optimus)

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