Chuwi Hi13 – 13.5” 3:2 3000x2000 with Goodix(?) Active Pen

Discussion in 'Other Brands' started by kvoram, Feb 16, 2017.

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    My experience was with one of the first Goodix breed in the Cube iWork 10 Glagship, was tempted by the cheap price. Mine was considered a lemon with occasional huge waviness problem, but even when the waviness go away, the drawing experience is still underwhelming like I mentioned in my earlier post.

    Another problem is the scarce stock of the optional pen. Back then it was constantly out of stock and it took me 1 month to get the pen. When I notice how bad it was, my return period is already over so I have to pay extra for a better device to get rid of it. What is the use of digitizer if the pen is supper rare and could be discontinued at anytime?

    Goodix also doesn't have wintab support, so older software like SAI, Mediabang, krita, PS CS6 and older won't pick up pressure.

    I don't know if the newer breed of Goodix will make a difference, but with the huge underwhelming first experience, I won't touch it again for years to come.
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    That's a agreeable, If only chuwi would make a wacom or n-trig (could be possible with their new surbook) tablet with a large screen. But they can't its too expensive to order wacom for a new digitizer size, so they take older models like the cube i7 & mix is an example of that.
    But if goodix lacks wintab support that might actually explain half of its dullness it has.
    I'm just going to keep my fingers cross with the chuwi surbook,and if it's goodix or not a improved goodix I will have to buy a cube or the like

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