Chrome 48 Offline Installer for those still on 8.1 and using Chrome Metro Mode

Discussion in 'Software' started by Mr. Boosh, Apr 24, 2016.

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    I still run 8.1 on my SP2 as it remains a much better tablet OS. I used Metro IE for quite awhile and then gave Windows 8 (Metro) Mode on Chrome a shot. Wow, wouldn't go back.

    Chrome Metro Mode + TouchMe Gesture Studio makes the browser far better than Metro IE for my use case for multiple reasons. I use a 4 finger pinch to immediately make it fullscreen like Metro IE. The shelf at the bottom can be accessed with the same swipe up to find all your shortcuts. Tip-taps change tabs, and a two finger swipe up/down will close/open tabs. Plus, all your adblock and other extensions are available.

    I also use Google Voice and Gmail, so I have Hangouts for texts/calls and Gmail set up on the shelf to launch smaller ChromeOS-like windows within the browser.

    It's all very seamless and fast. However, Google got rid of Metro Mode with the latest update, which pissed me off. I searched the internet for a very long time and finally came across an offline installer for Chrome 48, the last version with Metro Mode included.

    For those still on 8.1, here's a link for Chrome 48.0.2564.116 x64 (uploaded to my personal account):

    You'll need to fully uninstall your other Chrome version. It's not auto-updating after this new install, so you should be good.
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