Chomebook Plus works great with stylus

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Note and Tab' started by Sacculus, May 21, 2017.

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    I've had a variety of Tablet PCs (HP, Fujitsu, VAIO) and do a lot of grading papers, annotating scientific PDFs, and digital notetaking in conferences with them (in addition to annotating slides as I lecture). I'd been debating getting a Samsung S3 to do some grading/annotating as I find my current device (VAIO Flip 13) is a little heavy to hold. Well, one of our IT guys mentioned the chromebook plus and said he'd give me one to try out for them. While it's certainly not a strict tablet PC environment, I've finished all of my end-of-semester grading using it (got the bigger stylus for the S3 as the included stick is tiny!). It's incredibly comfortable to hold, write with, responsive. I've been using Xodo which does a great job of letting you use touch to turn page and stylus to annotate seemlessly (there are a few problems with some of the eraser settings not sticking, but...). Anyway, it's a pretty impressive little thing for $450. Now as soon as Microsoft re-releases their office apps for it....
    This may well become my daily device (I'll need a PC for some specific data analysis programs, but if I can just carry this 90% of the time, it'll be a huge weight off not to mention the nice battery life etc.).
    Anyway just wanted to put it out there as a really nice, inexpensive device.
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