Chartplotters in Windows 10.

Discussion in 'Software' started by Bronsky, Jul 5, 2017.

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    Am getting my long-term driveway project ready for water this year.


    The first couple of years will be coastal sailing and bay/river navigation. Nothing strenuous. I would like a self contained tablet to act as a portable chart plotter. Can't use my Surface 3 as is, since it has no internal GPS. I'm thinking that I can just use a Bluetooth GPS unit or just get an LTE version of the S3. Anything windows based that permits use of raster and proprietary digital charts for real time navigation?

    Another option is to just get an IPad and use INavX. I'm thinking a mini would be great if Apple would give it pen capability. It provides both raster and digital charts to aid with depth, speed, etc., read outs for real time navigation. Anybody compare the two types of devices?

    How about Android. Anything that would run on my GN5?
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    Interested to hear what you come up with. I've dabbled with various forms of navigation software for tablets and been let down so far.

    OpenCPN is a pretty nice project, may be worth your time to look into.

    Dead reckoning has been good enough for me so far, fortunately:

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    The AVN8 had a gps and the galaxy book 10.6 has too. Then after you need the software.
    Perhaps you can discuss with the guy of mapspro, he often add fetures. He did for me.
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