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Discussion in 'Apple/iOS' started by desertlap, Oct 8, 2019.

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    So now that Mac OSX Catalina featuring Catalyst is out the door. our programmers and myself and a couple of my system engineers took a deeper dive in to it Monday afternoon.

    So while the optimist answer is that it's a great way to get a lot of previously IOS only apps on to the platform, the reality is that we may be in for a bunch of lower quality "quick and dirty" ports especially with games.

    Ironically the experience is a lot like trying to use a mouse with iPad OS. The basics are there, but you also see the limitations and lack of polish almost immediately. The reason is obvious when you see it: What makes for an optimum touch experience is not the same as what makes a great mouse experience and vice versa.

    The only ok examples so far are Apples own News and Music apps which are decent on Mac OS though even they could use a bit of work. e.g. the music app doesn't make good use of the MacBook pro screen real estate.

    TLDR: Apple should have introduced this as an experimental or optional feature and not as ready for prime time. At least IMHO
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