Can't get rid of smartphones. Is that an addiction

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    Only seeing this subject today - my college has a "mobile phone ban" in classes but there is no enforcement so I learned and adapted over the years.
    On my new art class's first day I tell them if I haven't changed their mobile phone use by the end of the year then I have personally failed them.

    First - I ask them to download "Adobe Color Capture" to help with colour schemes / swatches and choices which they must then use in their projects. Then I will set at least two assignments in the year where they have to use voice-to-text to create all the written work that supports each of their assignments.
    Next on my list for the year, we look at photography and look at ways to defeat the computer control of their SMARTphones as it takes photographs or to abuse settings and trick their phones into taking innovative / abstract images. Later on, OneNote is used but then I show them OneNote on a Windows 10 tablet with stylus and they start to see how they can combine drawings / video / sound and text in much more powerful ways.
    There are other such things and recently - some of them have come from students who find new apps which they themselves use to aid their projects. One student last year (we did a treasure hunt illustration project) used an App that showed where star constellations would be over ordinary scenes and she had the idea of a treasure hunt where you got her drawings of star constellations against clues in the city and that was how you had to find the locations of the hunt.
    She didn't develop it further - she wasn't keen on treasure hunts at all.

    What I ban - no student that takes pictures and then draws from their pictures (unless they have used their phone creatively) can get a Merit grade. For the highest grade (Distinction) only the most exceptional creative use of digital capture on a Smartphone is rewarded. On the other hand, students who try that old fashioned thing of drawing still life and drawing from direct observation can always and will always be rewarded (quality of work depending)

    It's not a 100% success - there is still a lot of sneaky texting but I know I am dealing with an addiction and almost a medical condition. A proper and enforced college wide ban would help me more but what I can say is that most (approx 95%) have stopped using their phones only for Snapchat / Instagram selfies or facebook chat. So in the end - while a ban would make my life easier - the other side is we are dealing with an addiction.
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    Great idea! We really need more teachers like you who go the extra mile to make a change. I hope you get positive results by the end of the school year. (And if not, you still did well for trying!)

    I guess this kind of addiction is hard to stop too because many businesses are capitalizing on it. From social media to apps, now they're moving towards sms marketing (I've read about it here: I mean, every year we get more and more dependent on our smartphones and businesses are pushing for that. Really sad.
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    I still use my phone plenty as I need it for work, but one idea I came across helped me curb my "unproductive" times with it -- my life is what I pay attention to, and spending time on my phone should be a conscious choice. Read that from an NYT article.

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