Cannot update Pen Driver to latest version, it always turn back to old version

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows 7' started by SICKHEART, May 22, 2014.


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    Im using ASUS ep121 , I have to say I hate it so much but I still have to use it
    Ep121 comes with pen digitizer (wacom technology)

    I use it for 1 year already, never update driver
    a few day ago, I was using photoshop and brush stroke was jagged
    I guess there's a problem with driver so I go to Asus Website and download pen driver again (which is the same that I downloaded since I bought it)

    I installed that driver and nothing change
    so I go to wacom website and try to install Tablet Pc driver(7.2.0-4)
    it's newer than the one that I got from Asus website
    I installed and nothing change

    I noticed in Device Manager
    it said my Wacom Driver is on version (or something like this...I turn off my computer already, Im using Ipad for posting this topic)
    so i guess it's not up to date

    I press "update driver to latest version" on device manager but it said this is up to date already

    I install driver I got from wacom website again and again but everytime install is finishing, it will force to restart computer and when I restart computer, it turn back to that old version again

    it seems like I cant update driver to other version
    I tried to delete every wacom drivers from computer and uninstall that and install 7.2.0-4 but when I restart, old version come back everytime.

    I googled around but find nothing! anyone please help
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    Uninstall the digitizer through device manager and then install the new one. Then restart.

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    Did it already but it's not work.
    I just called ASUS, call center guy told me to reinstall all drivers in ASUS websites
    They are really old, provided since 2011-2012 but I still followed the instruction from call center.
    So i download almost all of them except VGA (it's too old, I have newer version)

    wacom driver version can be installed, I see it show on device manager
    but there's no brush stroke in Photoshop....I press update driver and it turn back to again
    I dont know this driver before and dont know why it always come back haunted me all time
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    Been covered in Asus thread many times, can't find it now.
    Didn' look to hard, but easy to do in win7.
    You may have found this already.

    For win7- use method 1
    How to stop Windows 7 automatically installing drivers

    remove old wacom, install the lastest 7.2.0-4 (has redial)

    You should be good to go, as step 1 stops the auto update of drivers.

    Win8 is a little different.
    For win8 do a google search with this:
    How to stop Windows 8 automatically installing drivers


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