Can tablets / laptops convert to casual artists?

Discussion in 'What Tablet PC Should I Buy?' started by DouglasCunningham, Nov 1, 2018.

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    I'm looking for a laptop that can convert to my boyfriend. He wants something to paint with (maybe with Photoshop), but he's not a serious artist, so I do not want to get anything expensive. My budget is not very large. I also like a laptop that can switch over to a tablet so that he can also use it as a regular laptop, because I think it will become the main function of it. My budget is around $ 500- $ 1000 ... I really can not go much higher. It's not brand new or anything ... I've looked at old laptops and / or used / refurbished, too. As long as it is effective for drawing.

    It's great to get some advice from any artist with a digital painting experience.
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    I'm don't have any experience with digital painting, but to get more use out of the tablet, you might wanna buy an iPad Pro.
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    If you are in the US look on ebay for a Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Pen 15" it's a convertible PC with a really nice drawing experience. When there is a special offer on at Best Buy you can pick up an open box unit for $1000 or less.

    If your not in the US then the N9P will be very difficult to find locally.

    If you don't mind slightly older hardware there are other choices like the Lenovo Helix Gen 2 which is a detachable with Wacom EMR, which gives a decent drawing experience. The screen size is around 11.6" though so keep that in mind. Just make sure it's a Helix 2 and not the older Helix or Helix 1! You will find them on ebay for a good price well within your budget.

    There are lots of newish machines most of which do not have EMR that are worth looking at. I don't have experience of them so I can't really recommend one to look out for. Someone else will probably post details on something worth considering.

    Edit: Thinkpad X1 might also be worth looking at?
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