Can digital handwriting become the new text?

Discussion in 'OneNote, Evernote and Organizers' started by siddhartth, Nov 30, 2015.

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    Text wether .txt or .rtf is how we interact in the digital world. The young crop of mainstream consumer friendly stylus tech and notetaking apps, provide an easy way to store your handwritten strokes as notes on a paper, but they are still lagging behind the sinmple, powerful and seemingly timeless text formats. When it comes to ease of copy pasting between apps and programmes. The ubiquity of .txt and .rtf makes sure we dont loose our diary entries and ideas just because our favourite notetaking app closes office for ever. For example if evernote in far future announces shut down we can very easily transfer our notes (if written in text) by manually copy pasting them to onenote. But what about the hand written notes? There's no way to copy paste them as pen strokes from one app to another, like we can copy and paste text.

    People may argue MSonenote, myscript smartnote and samsung snote can translate the strokes into text, which can be copied as usual. But the process remains cumbersome and timetaking. Also what about the penstroke diagrams? Myscript smartnote gives a partial solution, that you will have to go from handwriting mode to drawing mode to register a doodle that won't be read as text. But why do i call it partial solution ? First because it's still one extra step and second (most importantly) those drawings can not be copy pasted to onenote or evernote in the same form as these notetaking apps keep their respective native penstrokes. What's worse is evernote keeps its handwritten notes in android devices in a seperate format then it's notes written notes made on windows pc tablet, Android penstrokes is called Handwriting and the pc pen stokes are called inknotes. Onenote is more uniform and easy in this respect, crossplatform but still the same experience. Continuum truly.(and by the way is not it time for a lumia surface phone? The new windows phones flagships do have exchangeable batteries and expandable memory which Galaxy note users used to love. Galaxy note remains unrivalled king in its own unique niche category that it carved out for itself. But that's a different topic. )

    May be instead of universal stylus initiative what we really need is a universal language of digitally handwritten pen strokes that can be read and reproduced by all such apps that claim to be productivity office or simply handwritten notetaking oriented applications.
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