Can a slate PC be used by a standard desktop PC as a touch / pen input device?

Discussion in 'The Tablet PC Life' started by ozaz, Aug 7, 2011.

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    Hello, I am going to get a Windows 7 slate form factor tablet (probably IdeaPad P1 when it is released). The slate will be useful in itself but I wondered if I could get another use out of it. Namely, when I am working at my main computer it would be great if I could connect the slate to the main computer (e.g. wifi or usb) and use it as a secondary display which has touch/pen input (interfacing either using a built it Windows feature if it exists or via third party software). Is this possible?

    Note: There are other posts on this forum asking about the possibility of taking a touch screen from a tablet to use in a similar way. e.g.
    However, these seem to involve repurposing the tablet screen as an input device for the main PC and losing its independent functionality. That is not what I want to do. In my case, I don't want to modify the slate (it will still be an independent device). I am talking about gaining a secondary function.

    This is essentially the functionality I am asking about - but using a Windows PC and Windows Slate instead of a Mac and iPad:
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    Not sure if this helps, but it seems that you could accomplish more or less what I saw in the uTube video with a Win-7 Dual Touch (finger touch screen and/or pen touch) TabletPC and/or a Slate (TabletPC without keyboard) by just running the device using extended desktop and a secondary monitor with no need for a secondary PC. Two examples as follows:

    1. Run TabletPC (or SlatePC) with secondary monitor in “extended desktop” mode (TabletPC display being selected as “primary” display). This would function pretty much just like the video. The Tablet would accept finger and/or pen based input, while the “extended” desktop (secondary monitor) would display any other program windows simultaneously.
    2. Run TabletPC (or SlatePC) with secondary monitor in “extended
    desktop” mode (secondary display being selected as “primary” monitor). When I run in this configuration, the pen based input on the Tablet works very much like an auxiliary digitizer (when pen is used on Tablet PC screen, the input point is displayed on the larger monitor). Any window open on larger monitor accepts the pen input (so Tablet is used as digitizer and drawing is displayed on window that is open on larger monitor).

    Example: I just sent daughter off to college with Win-7 TabletPC (Wacom Pen based) and 21” widescreen TV/Monitor hooked up via docking station with axillary wireless keyboard/mouse combo and a sound system with option for both of the above scenarios (she just needs to choose which display is primary to allow TabletPC functionality as a TabletPC with secondary monitor, or function as a digitizer for larger auxiliary monitor when she wants to draw like using a Wacom digitizer). One cord connection for the dock connects all peripherals, and provides charging supply to TabletPC. A quick simple portable and great desktop solution inclusive cable connection to TV/Monitor along with wireless remote control.

    Hope this helps give another option/perspective solution.

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